Helping for moving out on Christmas Eve

December 24th must be lovely X’mas day for those people of world-wide.

But our company staff were working from 9: 30 till 20:00 for managing moving out of our share house furniture and others from one share house to other share house.

We decided to clean up  our sharehouse  for some purpose of company from next year,

So that we were evacuating things on  this X'mas day as the most suitable available days for staff to help.

Of course staff members  will get "make-up holiday" instead, but still, 

their  mind in cooperativeness  is  remarkably high, isn't it.

Also at the the end of working time, 

one of staff chef prepared curry and rice for the  dinner of 12 members  and roast beef with Potato salad was brought in by our president.

One of our pre-staff also joined in this activity and she said Acroquest is very homely company with unity and she made right choice to join our company.

Good company gathers good staff or good staff makes good company,

anyhow, thank you so much for hard work yesterday on X'mas Even on Sunday!

Of course  curry and rice was all eaten up naturally by the end of day's hard work.

See you soon.