15 visitors from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

Today we had 15 visitors  from Cambodia , Laos and Vietnam  as on-site company visit.

They came to Japan under the study session of JICA for entrepreneur improvement study for two weeks in Japan.And today is their secod day of study session.

How come they visited Acroquest?

Our company was introduced by Prof. Sakamoto of Hosei University as for  one of  "Management of Making people happy" companies. Well, I am greatly honored.

We took those visitors around our office and gave company culture explanation of 90 minutes.

I wonder they understand my explanation in English O.K, but they were  kind enough to tell me they were inspired a lot. 

So many questions came from visitors and they were very much keen on knowing the ways to handle 

staff management.

 And at the end, though we could have continued a lot longer questions time, representative of visitors from Laos gave me a pretty  present of  shawl with appreciation words.

I am sure after couple of years later, in those countries of South East Asian areas, there  will be  more discussing scenes  about  making company cultures  for their own good , seriously,  like we are doing in Japan.

Thank you for coming and pls visit us again while I am still working.

See you soon