December MA with lots of topics

Do you know that we have monthly all staff meeting called MA

In here we decide everything related with company matters.

And as this is all staff meeting, from new-comers to president join MA to decide unanimously after fighting in discussion.(^^)

Today the kind of heating up topic is about  education.  

The summary, if I may , is that we have very rich education systems but that is also spoiling

staff to learn from themselves as well as  making passive staff for learning.

Well this is general phenomenon that  comes up in the result of serving rich something in any aspects, isn't it?

Why our human being is alway trying to find the chance to be in indulgence.

Laughable lovely creature, aren't we?

But how we should get the result on this topic? Our rule of MA is always have to get solution after discussion.

It's going on into deep part of nature of human-being...

It will take time...but good discussion is going on.

Saying these  conventional words,  could I avoid telling you our excellent dicision (^^