Yes, Time passes quickly and very quickly

As I said yesterday, I met G san tonight with my colleague.

G san was there as not different as before in talking style, and that could be a bit more talkative(^^

So I understand that was a considerable  present from him after some time of reunion.

He stayed in our company only 1 year and 3 months nearly 10 years ago, but how could we talk like old friends as today!

G san thanked us again for the  time he was educated 10 years ago with lots of telling- offs by our staff at that time(^^

He kindly said that was his  best improving time in his business career especially for human skills.

Well, G san has grown up surely not only in physically.

He presented me these nice chinese writing brushes that I may use in the time after retiring from my work someday.

That was nice meeting you G san!  Come again anytime while you stay in Japan(^^