11 years ago, the person we hired is coming to see us tomorrow!

As we have been recruiting IT members , 

11 years ago, we hired a Chinese person after he graduated from Tokyo University Masters degree. And he was the first Chinese member to have joined  our company.

This photo is when he had Welcoming Ceremony on April 3, 2006.

 "X "san is so much  challenging person that he kicked off the job offer from Matsushita at that time, and joined our company saying the reason; In the big company, I can't be a president.

Yes, I have never heard such reason to join company from recruiting students so far(^^

After that , with many experiences of changing companies, he was working in Shanghai, where he was born,  in famous Japanese Research company as senior research fellow.

Well, what a success to make his own career like that!

but it seems he resigned from there...

And we are looking forward to seeing him and  hearing from him tomorrow;

How is your life going on?(^^

Anyhow so much fun will be waiting for us.

It is really nice to see him and thankful to him to contact us !

The only problem is that I have not found  where to have dinner(^^