Good managers always write heartfelt mails

Last week of 2018, Jan.17, I was in Nagoya for giving seminar for over 350 participants of some Japanese Bank New year party.

Since it was the party of big bank specialized in  Japanese small and medium sized enterprises,
most of the participants were presidents of each companies and male and 

whatmore  almost  of people there were more than my age(^^

And I came to know the chairman of one of associations of this bank in Nagoya area.

Though he was older than me(^^, so charming to ask me my choice of drink and  hold my Gin and Tonic glass while I was exchanging name cards with other participants in a queue.

Frankly speaking,I did not expect such a help from Japanese chairman of certain age.

This gentleman also educated my subordinate came with me for his  business policy  in the party.

My subordinate told me that was "Connection"!

After couple of days, thinking of his education,  I sent some thank you mails to

some acquainted people there as connection.

And yes, expectedly, received really heartfelt reply from this chairman and that proved my strong belief of " excellent  manager always write heartfelt  mail". 

Meeting and talking with many elder presidents and chairmen in this seminar left me some sense of living life for the rest of my life in business from now on.

Thank you so much.

See you again.