Meeting of All staff (MA)was held first time in 2018

It might give wrong idea of our MA from the  title above, but we have monthly MA 

that decides our rules and in which we talk about any topics that our staff submit by all staff.

Since it was the first MA of 2018, the topics were rather basic thoughts  to review 

our  consensus.

And as all staff knew the importance of first MA of this year,

they were somehow seriously attending in spite of the plain contents.

During the MA, as the topics  gave me some time to spare, I  sent a photo of our  discussion to our clients.and  was surprised to get reply for it  from  one of clients;

"You are enjoying MA, aren't you"!!

Oh, how could he find out from this photo  that I was feeling so?

I took my hat off !

He must be really experienced manager in his long career of business and

could  sense for the situation of me from a photo I was sending.

Really awesome sense of manager he has!  

Actually, after MA, our party went on at our restaurant up to almost  midnight.

For any topics even without topics, I guess, we seem to enjoy our gathering once a month

and chatting by all faces together. Birds of a feather flock together...

See you soon.