Why they work only for one year?

We have a branch in Myanmar. 

 Myanmar is a spiritual country with amazingly huge pagoda called Shwe Dagon Pagoda where people go to pray casually for any occasions.

People are very kind and I like their way of talking that is  in sweet accent as the last words of speaking tone goes up as if they are asking the harmony.

But the only thing that we don't understand is 

Company staff leave within a year though the contract is three years!

Our Japanese staff asked other big Japanese companies in Yangon for the same problem they have or not.

The answer was YES.  And  they seem to be given  up the hope to let Myanmar staff work longer than a year ; that was the comment from our Japanese staff with empathetic mode.

Spiritually high yet business wise  low.  I wonder how they make their own lives especially for women.

I feel I am lucky but on the other hand they are lucky to live like that(^^

See you soon!