10 Thanks Cards of Invitation Lunch


Again started writing Blog that is because I have a very competent subordinate and he urged me to write not to get in Dementia!!

Yes, thanks to him for caring my age.

But do you know something that keeps young is appreciation to give and being given.

Today I was invited by one of subordinates to have Sushi lunch with him.

Can you guess why?

We have "Thanks Card Invitation " and when we gather 10 cards of it, we are to be invited by thanks card giver.

We talked for the time when each cards were given and received recalling thanks  from him.

Isn't that nice to have such an occasion at work  with company members  like this.

I believe that our company is not just for working but enjyoing life through working with good staff members.

Yes surely I could keep young, couldn't I(^^)


 I wonder I could pass my message in English OK?

Nevertheless, Thank you so much for reading my blog.
See you soon!